Critical Teaching

Faculty Sites

Several critical criminologists have developed extensive web pages. Links to these pages are found below. These are educational pages that often encourage participation and feedback from all students - regardless of whether they are enrolled in University programs. In the tradition of critical criminology, these pages remain freely available. Please let us know about other effective teaching/learning sites that should be included.

Gregg Barak

Professor Barak's website includes essays, links, and other information of interest to the critical criminologist.

Dear Habermas

A Journal of Postmodern and Critical Thought Devoted to Academic Discourse on Peace and Justice. Site is in a continual state of creation. Maintained by Jeanne Curran and Susan Takata. A great example of using the internet to teach, learn, and collaborate. Includes a thematic index and site map, a kids page, and a variety of content that seems to be endless.

Paul Leighton

Paul Leighton's page of justice related information. This is an great site that is kept current through Dr. Leighton's tireless efforts. Includes links to the STOP VIOLENCE project, corporate prisons, elite deviance, and internet privacy.

Kenneth Mentor

Dr. Mentor's personal site includes links, essays, and class related material. Dr. Mentor uses the internet for each of his courses and is developing internet sites with the potential to replace readers and textbooks with free online-based content, including and He also worked with students in the development of the Online Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice.

Julia and Herman Schwendinger

The Schwendinger's describe their website as primarily designed for colleagues interested in our study of the relations between adolescent subcultures and academic achievement, delinquency, privatization of public schools, etc.

Randall Shelden

Shelden's website includes his own commentaries and research articles, a special "in the news" section with the latest news reports about crime and justice, plus special sections devoted to the drug war, the war on terrorism, the war in Iraq, and corporate and political crime. Also, occasional special links to research on various topics (e.g., death penalty, the malpractice "crisis," class and race issues surrounding hurricane Katrina).

Jim Thomas

Papers, links, and class related material are included on this site. Professor Thomas uses the internet in many of his classes. He was also the founding webmaster of the Critical Criminology Website.