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Sadly, I report the passing of Julia Schwendinger, who together with her husband, Herman, played a central role in helping found radical criminology in the early 1970s.

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This post addresses the neglect of green crime, victimization and justice within criminology. Other disciplines have long addressed the forms of harm destruction of the environment produces. In general, criminology overlooks these issues. Of importance to that discussion is addressing the ecological destruction capitalism produces, and which it must produce, to fulfill its accumulative goals.

Environment Damage Remains Widespread While Criminology Sleeps

Michael J. Lynch
Department of Criminology
Associate Faculty, The Patel School of Global Sustainability
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida

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The Journal of Crime and Justice has published a special issue on political economy and crime. Contributors and topics are as follows: Political Economy and Crime: An Overview (Michael J.

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Hi Folks:

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The website for the International Green Criminology Working Group is now online. Membership in the group is free.

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In this post I draw upon environmental lessons offered by Dr.

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The messages produced by non-scientific climate change skeptics are changing.

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Evidence of Widespread Green Victimization and the Treadmill of Production:

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Herman and Julia Schwendinger have published a new book, BIG BROTHER IS LOOKING AT YOU, KID! IS HOMELAND FASCISM POSSIBLE which thay are making available free of charge.

The book is a political treatise but it may be interesting academically
because of its analytic constructs. It employs their "Janus model" of
governance and a category entitled "customary repression," referring to the
normalized century-old repression of left-wing ideas and policies. It
chronicles the qualitative changes in customary repression from the 1970s
and employs "parallels" (with the rise of fascism in Germany, Italy, Chile,
etc.) to realistically evaluate neofascist developments in the USA. It
points out that "bullshit" is the modus operandi of archconservatives
reviving McCarthyism in American universities. It describes, among other
things, the astonishing expansion of surveillance technology, the "Miami
model" of police brutality, the rise of Occupy Wall Street, and Obama's

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In September of 2011, Lisa Jackson, head of the US EPA, released a statement on enhancing the ozone pollution requirements in the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (

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In this post I examine the recent data on carbon dioxide pollution, the meaning of that data, and discuss the issue of global warming and environmental pollution from a critical criminological pers

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Michael J. Lynch
Professor, Department of Criminology
Associated Faculty, School of Global Sustainability
University of South Florida

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For those interested in the area of green criminology, the International Green Criminology Work Group has been formed. The groups meets at ASC and other major venues.

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