Herman and Julia Schwendinger have published a new book, BIG BROTHER IS LOOKING AT YOU, KID! IS HOMELAND FASCISM POSSIBLE which thay are making available free of charge.

The book is a political treatise but it may be interesting academically
because of its analytic constructs. It employs their "Janus model" of
governance and a category entitled "customary repression," referring to the
normalized century-old repression of left-wing ideas and policies. It
chronicles the qualitative changes in customary repression from the 1970s
and employs "parallels" (with the rise of fascism in Germany, Italy, Chile,
etc.) to realistically evaluate neofascist developments in the USA. It
points out that "bullshit" is the modus operandi of archconservatives
reviving McCarthyism in American universities. It describes, among other
things, the astonishing expansion of surveillance technology, the "Miami
model" of police brutality, the rise of Occupy Wall Street, and Obama's

Obama Administration Again Rejects Public Health Concerns and Environmental Protection

In September of 2011, Lisa Jackson, head of the US EPA, released a statement on enhancing the ozone pollution requirements in the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (http://www.epa.gov/glo/actions.html) to better protect public health. In that statement, she noted that the under the Obama Administration, the EPA has worked to enhance environmental protection. And while Lisa Jackson may be working hard to protect the public's health, President Obama hasn’t been cooperating.

Carbon Dioxide Pollution is up, Future Uncertainty Mounts: Comments on Global Warming Pollution and on Criminology

In this post I examine the recent data on carbon dioxide pollution, the meaning of that data, and discuss the issue of global warming and environmental pollution from a critical criminological perspective.....

Congress Undermining EPA Authority

Michael J. Lynch
Professor, Department of Criminology
Associated Faculty, School of Global Sustainability
University of South Florida

The Hosue has passed HR 2018 in an effort to limit the powers of the EPA, and that's not good for the health of Americans, nor is that consistent with their effort to undermine the specific intent of the Clean Water Act. Read why.

Green Criminology Working Group

For those interested in the area of green criminology, the International Green Criminology Work Group has been formed. The groups meets at ASC and other major venues. At this point the group members' primary form of communication and the main thrust of the group is a listserve. If you are interested in joining, email Paul Stretesky
at: paul.stretesky@ucdenver.edu
with the subject heading: Joining Green Crim Work Group

New Incinerator Rule Implementation Postponed By EPA: Obama’s New Conservative Environmental Approach.

New Incinerator Rule Implementation Postponed By EPA: Obama’s New Conservative Environmental Approach.

Michael J. Lynch
Department of Criminolgoy and
School of Global Sustainability
University of South Florida

The G.W. Bush Administration is widely regarded as having established the worst environmental record of any Administration since the founding of the EPA during Nixon’s presidency. The election of Obama brought great hopes for a redirection in environmental policies in the US. In some ways, the Obama Administration has delivered on those hopes revising, for example, the outdated and fairly stagnant fuel economy standards.

Rise in Birth Defects and Infants Deaths in Kettleman City, CA, may change Environmental Pollution Policy

Historically, babies born in Kettleman City, CA have been healthy. But in the past three years, eleven babies have been born with birth defects, and three have had serious enough defects to lead to their deaths. Many of the residents live below poverty, and a number are migrant workers regularly exposed to pestides and pesticide pollution. Kettleman's water sources are also contaminated. There is also a nearby landfill, the largest landfill in the US west of Alabama. These two large landfills in Kettleman and Alabama are both operated by Waste Management Incorporated.

Update on Global Warming -- Lomborg changes positions

Bjorn Lomborg, a noted critic of global warming research and author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist," has altered his position, recently noting that global warming is "undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today" and "a challenge humanity must confront". In his newest book, to be released new month, Lomborg details the need to invest in policies that address global warming, which he argues could solve the problem by the end of this century. Lomborg argued that as much as half of the needed funds can be generated by taxes on carbon emissions.


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