Environmental Crimes

The public has been convinced that the biggest threat to their health and well being is terrorism. This has legitimized a massive military build up designed to intervene in Middle Eastern nations. The war on terrorism and terrorist (WOTT) has helped drown out increasing bad news about the health of the world's environment (from global warming to pollution and species extinction), and the shrinking supply of oil. At the same time, the WOTT has provided a means to satisfy the oil supply crises looming in the US.

Justice System

Critical Perspectives on the Justice System

The pages below include numerous links. These pages cover a range of issues that are active in a critical examination of the justice system. The following pages are partially developed, or are planned. This is not an exhaustive list and suggestions are appreciated. Please let us know if you are interested in editing one of these pages.

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Violence against Women

Critical Teaching

Faculty Sites

Several critical criminologists have developed extensive web pages. Links to these pages are found below. These are educational pages that often encourage participation and feedback from all students - regardless of whether they are enrolled in University programs. In the tradition of critical criminology, these pages remain freely available. Please let us know about other effective teaching/learning sites that should be included.

Gregg Barak

Critical Scholarship


The critcrim.org site is intended to be more than a collection of material. Many web sites accomplish little more than information transfer. "Content" is often limited to a list of links. From the beginning, the Division’s web site has included full text articles and other rich content. The site has always been intended as a place for interaction, critical thinking, and active learning.


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