Marxian Social Theory Part VI

References to Market Socialism

There are several references which those of you interested in Economic Sociology, Sociology of Work and/or the Political Economy of Market Socialism at which one might take a good look: I forgot to append them in the earlier post. But you can down- load them more easily this way. Have fun.

Bardham, P.K., and John Roemer.
1993. Market Socialism: The Current Debate. Oxford University Press.
Kenworthy, Lane.
What kind of Economic System: A Leftist Guide. in Socialist Review, April-June: pp. 102-124. [I found this to be a very useful overview of both the forms of capitalism and the forms of socialism...18 of one and four of another if memory serves.
Roemer, John.
1994. A Future for Socialism. Harvard University Press.
Schweickart, David.
1996. Against Capitalism. Cambridge U. Press. [The title really should be 'Since Capitalism has so many problems, Let Us think about Market Socialism.]'
Laski, Brus and Kazimierz.
1989. From Marx to Market. Clarendon Press.

All these are helpful background references...and they lead one in several directions to other basic and earlier work.


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